Multi-Room Distributed Entertainment

Enhance your home with media control

ELAN allows you to easily control all of your entertainment sources, including TV, Satellite, Blu-ray, Apple TV, Media server, music and much more.

With one remote control, or the ELAN mobile app on your smart device, you can access all of your media and movies from any room in the house, with the touch of a button. Showmax, Netflix, DSTV, it’s all at your command, with the touch of button .

ELAN can be programmed to create the perfect home cinema setting, automatically dimming the lights and closing the blinds when the Blu-ray DVD Player is switched on to play a movie.

With your ELAN smart home system, its easy to control multi-room audio. Choose what music to play in each room, with the simple on-screen display, and easily change the music or adjust the volume, in any room, with the touch of a button.

ELAN connects to your streaming music  services sources including Sonos, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal and Tunein Radio, letting you easily create and play all your favourite music and playlists.

Create the perfect party with your music, choose to play the same music in every room, keeping the same vibe throughout your party, or choose different music in each room for added variety and flexibility.

High Definition (HD) TV Distribution

Watch DSTV and movies in crystal clear high definition quality on all  the TV’s around your home. Control your movie streaming boxes, media servers from any room, and integrate Amazon Fire TV, Roku boxes, Apple TV, Plex, Kodi and more, allowing you to experience the best in digital clarity.

Reliable Home Networks

We’re busy entering the era of “The Internet of Things,” with many devices, appliances and electronics are becoming smarter, and getting connected to the internet and home network.

A reliable wired and WI-FI wireless infrastructure forms the “backbone and nerve centre”of your home connecting all the systems in the home, but the system is only as good as its weakest link.

It’s critical to have an enterprise quality network installed for a home automation system to function optimally, with wireless Wifi coverage is required for Smartphones, PC’s and Tablets.

Control systems, music and movie streaming, CCTV cameras, IP intercom and telephone systems require wired managed gigabit networks.

For reliable wired and Wi-Fi wireless home networks, ELAN installers need to create a rock solid IP network foundation for the performance and stability of your system, which will allow you to connect all of your devices to the internet and each other.

Get connected or you’ll be left behind!