Security Solutions

Security has always been a crucial concern for home owners, and ELAN  helps you to make it easy to manage a wide array of security systems from one central point.

Security System Control

Feel secure at home or away with 24/7 security monitoring. ELAN constantly monitors your entire house, giving you peace of mind whether you are at home or away. ELAN integrates with CCTV cameras, security gates and alarm systems.

Your system can be programmed to turn the lights on in your home when the alarm is triggered, to deter any potential intruders. The system can then send an alert notification to your mobile phone. You simply log onto the mobile app and check the cameras to see what’s going on.

Set your home lights to switch off when you set your alarm to leave the house, and to switch on when you arrive home in the evening and deactivate the alarm.

You can easily check the status of your security system, and arm and disarm it remotely. The History tab logs when your alarm is armed, disarmed, triggered and every time a door contact is opened or someone passes one of your alarm passives. This is great for troubleshooting problems with your alarm system, or just checking on activity in the home.

Arm alarms in specific zones with the touch of a button; choosing to only arm downstairs when going to bed at night, or arming the whole house when you are out. Always know your home is safe and secure at anytime, whether you are at work or on holiday.

Peace of mind with the touch of a button, at home, or away.

Intercom Control

Answering the front door from across the house – or across the world – is as easy as answering a call. With ELAN, communicating with family members is simple and convenient using any ELAN touch screen interface or the smartphone mobile app.

ELAN – Connecting you to what really matters

You can even link multiple homes using ELAN, so you’ll always be able to check on the kids in the other room, or Grandma across town.

ELAN Intercom provides doorbell, paging and true two-way point-to-point intercom functions that integrate seamlessly with ELAN interfaces and controlled multi-room media systems.

Unlike traditional hardware-based intercom systems, ELAN Intercom supports virtually unlimited stations, and can even link homes in different locations.

No more shouting up the stairs

ELAN Intercom can share speakers with a multi-room audio system, supports 3rd party door stations, and lets you use any ELAN dedicated in-wall touch panels or mobile device running the ELAN app.

With two-way audio and video, plus awesome away from home features, ELAN intercom dramatically changes the way you communicate.

Doors-Gates and Access control

ELAN can be connected to gate motors, garage doors and door-locks, allowing you to open and close from any interface-touchscreen-tablet or smartphone. This can be done in the home or away from the home. Track and monitor using access control. Notifications can be sent to your smartphone so you always know what’s going on.